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Damon Davison davison at uni-koeln.de
Mon Apr 28 12:35:59 CDT 2003

Eum... même trois fois.  Chouette !

Eigentlich wollte ich schon mal fragen, ob sich sonst jemand 'für 
interessiert.  Ich bin noch am schwanken, weil ich:

1) kein Geld habe (auch nicht die 100 EU-Mäuser).
2) wirklich pleite bin.
3) nicht wirklich weiß, ob mir die Konferenz etwas bringt.

zu 1 und 2 könnt Ihr wahrscheinlich weniger Hilfreiches sagen.  
Aber zu 3 könnte mir ein etwas erfahrener "Mongueur" eine große 
Hilfe leisten.  

Viele Grüße


PS: I didn't know we had a Czar.  We're an anarcho-syndicalist 

On Monday 28 April 2003 18:27, David Elbez wrote:
> Dear fellow Perl mongers,
> Your Tsar gave me leave to talk to you directly as we deem it
> is necessary.
> My name is David and i am a humble member of the
> YAPC::Europe::2003 organisation committee. This message is an
> announcement about... Well guess what...;-)
> We didn't broadcast any message or announcement before save on
> "use perl", and generally speaking, we didn't communicate much
> so we thought we needed to reach as many of you as possible,
> as quickly as possible too.
> So here we are and let's start with the basics.
> As you no doubt already know (but it's harmless to mention it
> again), the conference will be held this year in Paris on July
> 23-25, a truly fine time of the year to learn more about Perl
> and be a visitor in Paris.
> You will be able to find more and updated information about
> the conference at this address :
> http://yapc.mongueurs.net
> (http://www.yapc.org/Europe/2003/index.html is _not_ up to
> date even though we are working on it with YAS)
> You will be able to registrate at this address (you don't have
> to pay right away) :
> http://yapc.mongueurs.net/yapc/join
> (Please do it if you feel like coming to the conference, it
> will help us to count you and prepare things for the best.)
> If you feel like crossing the line that's separating you from
> the speaker's crew, the gurus, or if you are already one, this
> page will show how to submit your talk :
> http://yapc.mongueurs.net/yapc/static/cft.html
> If you know a person or company who wants to sponsor the
> conference, you can indicate this page :
> http://yapc.mongueurs.net/yapc/static/sponsors.html
> Your spouse prefers the Louvre Museum to Perl, mention this
> after logging there : http://yapc.mongueurs.net/yapc/private/
> (after you registered)
> If there are enough people we would be glad to setup something
> for them.
> If you feel any sudden and overwhelming Fear, Uncertainty or
> Doubt ;-) about the conference, you can reach us at this
> e-mail address : yapc-help at mongueurs.net
> Eventually, you will find a few informations about Paris
> itself handy on this first website, along with the french
> yellow pages (with area maps) on this second one :
> http://www.paris.org/
> http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/pj.cgi?
> http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/pj.cgi?lang=en (english version,
> obviously ;-)
> There, you will be able to realise how truly in the center,
> and thus nicely located, the venue is. We insisted on having
> the conference as close to the center of Paris as could be to
> allow the attendees to easily turn themselves into happy
> tourists.
> That's why we found a most prestigious venue, an old and
> venerable, partly gothic building, right in the center of our
> city. (you can have a glimpse of it on the website)
> That point, being definitely a good one, unfortunately doesn't
> come without its drawback. This is where we're leaving the
> basics.
> Paris is the most visited city in the world and you will be
> there in its center at the hotest part of the year, on the
> temperature but also the tourism point of view. We do want to
> warn you that, under these conditions, finding a transport for
> the precise date you would have choosen, but moreover finding
> a hotel as close to the venue as you would wish it, won't be a
> trifling matter at all.
> The conference is approximately 3 months ahead of us and we
> can assure you that it's already none too soon to look at what
> you want, where, at which price.
> Aware and concerned about this critical issue, we are willing
> to help you as much as we can, as much as Paris conditions
> allow. Our idea is to carry on one of the main concepts of
> YAPC : getting together, during and after the talks. Here is
> how we plan to achieve this : for each "pack" of ten willing
> to get together, a member of the "hotel team" will try and
> find hotel rooms in the same hotel for those people. So if you
> are a group of ten or more people (there are some in Europe),
> or even though you are less than that but you would be glad to
> "pack", send an email to this address, giving as much
> specification as you can.
> yapc-accomodation at mongueurs.net
> If we find a suitable place, we will send you an e-mail back
> giving you the number to call to book your room.
> Don't send an e-mail 5 days before the conference, we are
> there for help not emergency (let alone despair :). We don't
> promise anything for any appeal within the last 30 days.
> This announcement comes to an end, i hope it was of interest
> and help. Don't hesitate to send an e-mail to any of the
> addresses you know now, including mine. Feel free to ask or
> reject my writing to you again on this list.
> In any case, I hope as well to see you pretty soon in Paris.
> Best regards,
> David for the YAPC organisation team.
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