[Cologne-pm] Warum Perl?

Christian Schneider cschneid at spinfo.uni-koeln.de
Wed Apr 2 05:33:49 CST 2003

A. Pagaltzis wrote:
> 	I have no idea how someone is able to get up in the
> 	morning and look at their own face in the mirror after
> 	they arrogated to themselves charging in excess of $1800
> 	for a piece of a code that's intended to make it hard or
> 	impossible to read code written for a language developed
> 	by Larry and a cast of thousands with an effort of most
> 	likely in excess of a hundred man years, as well as
> 	contributed to by a huge community with an untold amount
> 	of effort, for free.

Sorry, you asked for it. Ist das Dein Beitrag zum obfuscated English 


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