[Cincinnati-pm] Topic idea: Perl release and dependency management (was Re: September 23rd - cinci.pm)

Ernst, Kevin Kevin.Ernst at cchmc.org
Mon Sep 21 11:14:50 PDT 2015

On 9/21/15 9:49 AM, Jon Gentle wrote:
> As of this morning we do not have a topic, but I will be working on
> lining up one before Wednesday and will let you know.

Figure it's a little late to propose something for Wednesday, but as an 
idea for the future, how about something along the lines of  "Make a 
'Twelve-Factor App' (http://12factor.net/) with Perl"?

I look at how the cool kids are distributing web apps with all their 
'bundle install's and Python virtualenvs and whatnot, and this leaves me 
wondering if similar tools exist for Perl. While very convenient, I 
don't particularly fancy depending on libraries from the OS package 
manager, and I constantly wrestle with getting 'local::lib' to behave 
properly (probably because I don't deeply understand CPAN yet). But 
that's what I've had to resort to so far.

I'm afraid that the answer might be simply "TIMTOWTDI," but at this 
point in my career I can't trust myself to inflict a homegrown amateur 
packaging/release system on my co-workers, so I'd prefer to stick with 
something that somebody smarter than me already worked out.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa has written things like ShipIt and Carton, but what 
are people actually using in the field?


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