[Chicago-talk] Inotify upon file upload?

Richard Reina richard at rushlogistics.com
Sat Nov 25 08:57:57 PST 2023


As it turn out Linux::Inotify2 can get triggered by when a file is accessed. So here is what I came up with to detect when the file has been uploaded (accessed ) and then move it.

use strict;
use File::Copy;

#waits for a waiting cvs file to be accessed and then moves it to old_cvs/ directory
use Linux::Inotify2;
my $inotify = new Linux::Inotify2 or die $!;
my $dir ='/home/richard/cvs_ready/';
$inotify->watch($dir, IN_ACCESS) or die "No such dir: $dir: $!\n";

while () {

    my @events = $inotify->read;

    unless (@events > 0){
       print "read error: $!";
       last ;

    my $i = 0;
    foreach my $event (@events) {

    if (substr($event->fullname, -1) ne  '/') { # they accessed an actual file, not just an 'ls' on the directory

        print $event->fullname . " was modified\n" if $event->IN_ACCESS;
        sleep 60;
        print $event->fullname . " to /home/richard/old_cvs/\n";
        move($event->fullname, "/home/richard/old_cvs/") or die "move failed: $!"; # move the file

} # end of while


On Thu, 23 Nov 2023 11:51:41 -0600, Richard Reina <richard at rushlogistics.com> wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving All, 

With the proliferation of bank fraud. I am now required by my bank to upload a CVS file with all of my recent checks so that they can validate checks being presented to my account. I am automating this process, but one step that I am not able to complete is for my perl script to know once a file have been uploaded so that it can move to an indicated directory. I have used Linux::Inotify2;  but I don’t believe it will notify if a file is simply uploaded. Does anyone know of a way that a file could be slightly modified once it’s selected via websites API for upload so that my Perl script will know to move it to a different directory?
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