[Chicago-talk] Hello World example for PERL Module

Richard Reina richard at rushlogistics.com
Tue Oct 5 07:42:47 PDT 2021

Can someone help me out with a Hello World example for this module? https://metacpan.org/dist/Device-Blinkytape/view/lib/Device/BlinkyTape/SimulationPort.pm

I have used BlinkyTape.pm (like in the code below) but now I would like to do some testing on a machine that does not have a BlinkyTape plugged into it's USB port and am not sure how to get started with BlinkyTape/SimulationPort.pm

Thanks for any help.

use strict;
use lib '/home/pi/';
use BlinkyTape;

use Time::HiRes qw / usleep /;
my $bb = Device::BlinkyTape::WS2811->new();
for (my $b=0; $b<=100000; $b++) {
    for (my $a=0; $a<=59; $a++) {
    $bb->show(); # shows the sent pixel row.

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