[Chicago-talk] Chicago-pm Meetup group is expiring and will be removed in 48 hours

Mike Fragassi mikefrag at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 09:46:07 PDT 2021

Meetup's utility seems to be:

- it provides a discussion system, although we already have on here, on the
mailing list.

- it provides a group home page. Although we also have one at
https://chicago.pm.org/, there are a few disadvantages to that. I think
Doug owns it and bears the brunt of maintaining it, for one, along with the
duties of updating it with events. There are events on the Meetup page that
aren't mirrored on the .pm.org page. (For the record, Joel Berger and
myself are both listed as "Organziers" for the Meetup page.) Also if it
matters, I don't see a way to comment on the pm.org page.

- because it's a platform in use by many other user groups, in and out of
Chicago, announcements of meetings (even if strictly virtual) can have much
greater visibility than they do if we only post about them to the mailing
list. I've attended a few virtual events Jason Crome has put on for
Charlotte.pm, for instance. Although having that outreach doesn't do much
good if we don't even have any meetings to speak of.

On Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 11:21 AM Alan Mead <amead at alanmead.org> wrote:

> I use Perl and I'd be interested in contributing towards a more vibrant
> Chicago Perl community, but I'm skeptical about in-person meetings in
> 2021. Does MeetUp do anything else?
> I've been learning Python and... God, I want to use Perl more and that
> less... For me, there's a real "nails on a chalkboard" thing going on
> with Python...
> -Alan
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