[Chicago-talk] Relocating to Chicago

Eric Johnson (kablamo) chicago.pm at iijo.org
Mon Mar 3 08:26:28 PST 2014

Hello Chicagoans,

It seems that I'm relocating from London.pm to Chicago.pm very soon.  I
wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Lets see.  I lived in Minnesota for 10 years.  I am trying to learn Chinese
and mostly failing.  I love putting food inside my head -- especially new
foods, but I no longer eat dessert.  I own 168 things.  I can't wait to get
some deep dish pizza!  And I am looking forward to the next Chicago.pm
meeting whenever that is.

I'm still looking for work in Chicago, so any local tips on good/bad
companies or avg salaries would be much appreciated.  On jobs.perl.org I
see three positions there for a company in Schaumberg/Hoffman Estates,
GoldStar Learning, and Fairbanks LLC.

Also is there a #chicago.pm IRC channel?  Oh.  Yes there is.  See you there.

Eric aka kablamo

Feel free to add me as a contact
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