[Chicago-talk] Meeting: March 28, 6:30pm - Dependency Injection (Beam::Wire)

Doug Bell madcityzen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 10:28:20 PDT 2013

This month, I'll be giving a talk on Dependency Injection and introducing a
module I've been working on, Beam::Wire. I'll have some examples of the
other dependency injection modules I know of on CPAN (IoC and
Bread::Board), but most of the talk is going to be about why dependency
injection is awesome and you should use it.

The presentation will be at our usual venue, 540 W Madison, 9th floor
conference rooms. Pizza and beer will be provided (dietary restrictions or
desires, let me know).

Please RSVP by 4:00pm on March 28 on our Meetup page:

Doug Bell
madcityzen at gmail.com
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