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Joel Berger joel.a.berger at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 17:27:25 PST 2013

Hello Chicago Perlers (and webdevs of all variety)!

On February 28th I will be giving a talk entitled "Introduction to
Mojolicious" at our usual Chicago.pm / WindyCity.pm meeting. Don't let that
title fool you though, I hope to go deeper than "this is how you route" see
my full abstract below.

The meeting is at the usual place and time for more info see the Meetup
page: http://www.meetup.com/Windy-City-Perl-mongers-Meetup/events/104660612/
even RSVP (cause we need to know how much beer and pizza to get).

Everyone is welcome to forward this to people who this node or ruby are the
way to go. Mojolicious might just impress them too!

Hope to see you there!

Joel Berger


Mojolicious bills itself as "A next generation web framework". What does
that mean?

Unlike many CPAN modules, Mojolicious comes with "batteries included." This
includes a DOM parser, JSON parser/writer, a full web stack, a user agent,
a testing library, several server implementations and even handles
websockets (real-time webapps) out of the box! All of it is incredibly well
tested and installs in under a minute (for most hardware) with no non-core

Oh yeah and its all non-blocking (when you want that).

I will of course show some of the common functionality expected of a modern
web framework, but in this demonstration I would like to show how these
additional tools can help build useful and well tested web applications

To learn more about Mojolicious please visit http://mojolicio.us or
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