[Chicago-talk] Spring Integration Framework for Perl

Brian J. Miller wiggins at danconia.org
Fri Feb 8 05:14:46 PST 2013

On 1/30/13 2:59 PM, Doug Bell wrote:
> I've got a number of processes being coordinated by a message queue.
> Each job consists of a number of steps, and each process handles one
> specific step for each job, like an assembly line. Each process keeps
> data about the current job run and puts it on a queue so that the next
> process knows what it has to do.
> I have an idea to build a framework around this so that I can add
> in-depth reporting and more flexibility, but it seems there are
> already frameworks in other languages that do exactly this (a
> co-worker pointed me to Spring's Integration Framework in Java).
> This is not a way to get parallelization, but it is a way to manage
> parallelization or delayed jobs (if a job has to wait for human input,
> for example) and provide reporting and monitoring on all the currently
> running jobs.
> Is there anything existing on CPAN to do this?
> Doug Bell
> madcityzen at gmail.com

Not sure it qualifies as a "framework" but POE makes implementing 
something resembling what you describe relatively straightforward. I 
implemented a process queuing system circa 2004 using POE and combining 
in various other CPAN modules such as Log4perl, GnuPG::Interface, etc. 
It was an encrypted file transfer system working in both directions. So 
there was a pre-processing queue, encryption/decryption queue, 
(FTP/SMTP) transfer queue, and a post-processing queue. Each element of 
a queue forked an individual process to do its work. Each queue had a 
pre-configured maximum running size, etc. Sorry I don't have code to 
share but it'd be pretty dated anyways.



Brian J. Miller

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