[Chicago-talk] OpenHatch Chicago Python Workshop, Aug 17th - 18th, Citibank Building

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18th, Citibank Building
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Attention ladies and who know those of female persuasion: OpenHatch's
first Chicago Python workshop is heading our way, on August 17th -
18th, so register and spread the word.

These OpenHatch events are tailored for women and their friends who
have none or limited programming experience. This event is welcoming
and respectful of trans women. Men are welcome as guests of women who
are attending (please RSVP as well).

Register here: http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Python-Workshop/events/72904002/
More information: https://openhatch.org/wiki/Chicago_Python_Workshop_1
Super cool video on OpenHatch, their motivation, results:

I think it's a very cool start to drawing people who'd normally feel
intimidated being part of uber technical usergroups etc, to ease in to
a seemingly basic thing (but is so hard to get started with, imo, when
coming from a different way of thinking) and become a bit more
confident in their own abilities. Please spread the word...note, our
target audience isn't necessarily (or at all) super duper female
programmers, but people who are, as we all once were, probably
wondering how they could overcome that huge learning curve.


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