[Chicago-talk] Cron replacement

Michael Potter michael at potter.name
Sat Oct 9 13:18:10 PDT 2010


I am looking for a batch processing control program and hope that
something has been written in Perl.

Some features I am hoping this cron replacement would have:
1) a web interface that would allow the system administrator to
suspend all or select tasks.
2) web interface should also display which tasks are currently running.
3) support complex start times such as each weekday as long as that
day is not a holiday.
4) start tasks a specified number of minutes after it previously finished.
5) start tasks only after a set of previously specified tasks finish
6) track runtimes so unusual runtimes can be identified.

I see a program called norc written in Python, but I don't think
Python will fly at the client site.
Michael Potter

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