[Chicago-talk] Accessing request content in Apache2

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sat Jul 17 14:20:40 PDT 2010

Trying to use Apache2::FakeReqeust to test portions
of code external to mod_perl (e.g. database access).

Someone I'm working with noted that in order to 
access most of the data content of a mod_perl2
request object (second argument to the handler)
we needed to use something like:

    sub handler
        my ( undef, $request ) = @_;

        my $usable_request
        = Apache2::RequestUtil->request( $request );


There was supposed to be something about the 
usable_request object that allowed it to access
things like param and auth_headers that the 
original request object could not. 

The POD for Apache2::RequestUtil and
Apache2::RequestRec are not very enlightening.

Q: Where are decent examples of using the Apache2
   objects for accessing the request data?

All I really need to do is snag a few standard
pieces like auth_headers and some params.


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