[Chicago-talk] threading Question

packet fasteliteprogrammer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 06:47:48 PST 2010

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> * On Wed, Jan 27 2010, packet wrote:
>> So your saying i won't have a prob programming on one cpu.And i want
>> to know what i can do in perl with a one cpu.I don't want to slow down
>> my compile time.
> I have a 4 core machine.  With one core, the Moose test suite runs in
> about a minute.  With 8 threads (4 + HT), it runs in 7 seconds.
> CPAN installs happen before I am done pressing enter.
> Modern hardware is really quite nice for your productivity.
> To reply to some of the other commentary on this thread; Perl only has
> one real threading library - Coro, and it can only use one OS thread
> (but happily scales to a 100000 Coro threads).  It's good for IO-intense
> activities; if you are a large company's IMAP server, it's likely that
> you have a few thousands connections open for "push email".  Most of the
> time, the sockets are idle, and so one OS thread is easily enough
> compute power for the application.  The hard part is keeping the state
> of 10,000+ TCP connections; that's what Coro does for you.  You create a
> thread when someone connects, and then that thread "runs" when
> necessary.  When it's blocked on IO (99.99% of the time), the other
> threads run.
> Finally, Perl's ithreads are a not-so-hilarious joke; never use them.
> If you need your Perl programs to run in parallel, just split your data
> into n sets and run n processes.  Easy.  (And if your Perl is slow,
> realize that making it run on 2 cores makes it MAYBE 2x faster at best,
> but rewriting the critical sections in a faster language like Haskell
> can make it run 50x faster.)
> Regards,
> Jonathan Rockway
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> Looklike i have better luck with my duo core 2 cpu with perl.:)

thanks for the help.

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