[Chicago-talk] help with system call

Richard Reina richard at rushlogistics.com
Mon Dec 27 08:13:00 PST 2010

I am trying to incorporate ripmime into my perl script to extract (one message at a time) the attachments from email messages. The problem I am having is that, though I have searched extensively, I cannot find a ripmime option that allows me to rename the file to a name provided by the script ($id_number).

So I figure I need to get perl to rename the file (attachment) for me but I don't know it's current name?  The ripmime man pages say there are not any environment variables --if that matters?.  

What I need is for the extracted attachment to take on the name of $id_number.

what I have so far:

sub strip_attachments {

my ($id_number) = @_;

 #strip the attachment off the lone email waiting in mail_with_atchmnt
 system("ripmime -i /home/richard/mail/.inboxes/mail_with_atchmnt -v -d /home/richard/attachments/");   

} # end of sub

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Richard Reina
Rush Logistics, Inc.
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