[Chicago-talk] mkdir() question

Young, Darren Darren.Young at chicagobooth.edu
Thu Dec 2 15:20:03 PST 2010

> I think you'll also need to make sure sudo doesn't have 'requiretty'
> set, which is usually does by default.
> If you don't need it to be real time, another option is to have
> web script create a "config" file some place safe, such as a queue
> directory.  External to your web server process you'd have some
> queue watcher come along and perform the actions on that config
> in the queue.

That's basically what we used to do with cron jobs and text files. Requirement now is for real time instant gratification. Someone else's gratification, not mine, I might add.

So far running it as a daemon is working well. CGI and admin stuff always was a pain, especially when root access is needed.

I tried suexec as an experiment, it didn't like su'ing to root.

I installed perl-setuid and set the script to be 4755 as a test. It didn't like my "use'ing" in our standard module kit.

Daemon running as root it is. Port other than 80 and an IP access list on it to allow only 2 source IP's.

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