[Chicago-talk] Looking for browser-based charting through Perl

Sean Blanton sean at blanton.com
Thu Aug 26 07:19:47 PDT 2010

I followed this month's exchange on Google Visualizations, but that's out
for me since it requires internet connectivity. What other packages would
people recommend? I assume a JavaScript based package is the modern way to
go. What about Protovis?

I basically want to pull data from a database and chart it with Perl - time
series, scatter plots, bar graphs - simple things on a local network. Chrome
browser. It's possible I might want to do something more interesting later
down the road.

Not being a web guy, what general approach would you recommend? I breathe
Moose, DBI, XML and infrastructure every day, but not so much JavaScript,
though I'm always up for new things!.

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