[Chicago-talk] Perl at Bar Camp this weekend

Clyde Forrester clydeforrester at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 09:29:22 PDT 2010

I have a conflict Saturday. I will try and go Sunday.


Mike Fragassi wrote:
> So, I just remembered that Bar Camp is this weekend 
> (barcampchicago.com).  Is anyone going?
> I've got a big bag of Perl TUITs and business cards(*) from Gabor Szabo 
> that I'll be bringing to hand out.  I'm only planning on being there for 
> Saturday afternoon though.  It would also be nice if someone more 
> experienced in Perl 6 than I was around to answer questions.  (By which 
> I mean, I'm just now installing Rakudo Star, which will be my first Perl 
> 6 install.)
> Also, if you want one of these wooden TUITs, let me know and I'll set 
> one aside for you.  (Or let me know if there's a different event coming 
> up where you might want to hand these out.)  Specify if you have a 
> preference between TUIT-with-pin or plain old TUIT.  Here's what they 
> look like:
>    http://www.flickr.com/photos/25944494@N00/56871343
> (*) The cards say "Welcome to the Perl Community - We suck at marketing".

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