[Chicago-talk] Chicago PM Meeting Monday April 12th

Jonathan Rockway jon-chicagotalk at jrock.us
Sun Apr 11 21:06:21 PDT 2010

* On Fri, Apr 09 2010, joshua.mcadams at gmail.com wrote:
> Clyde Forrester - Language Comparison
> <strike>Jonathan Rockway - Moose</strike>
> Ted Zlatanov - The Cassandra database the Net::Cassandra::Easy module

Hey guys,

I think my talk will cut too much into the beer time, so mind if I move
to next month?

(My real motive is that I just wrote the code that's the subject of the
talk over the weekend, and would like to get everything
easily-installable from CPAN before I talk about it.  And oh yeah, the
slides are not ... started :)

See y'all tomorrow :)


print just => another => perl => hacker => if $,=$"

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