[Chicago-talk] Deprecated use of hash as a reference

Sean Blanton sblanton at choppertrading.com
Thu Apr 8 08:19:33 PDT 2010

I find that structuring a problem in order to explain it to others often exposes something I've missed and I end up solving the problem myself. I've started an email probably 4 times in the last month only to resolve the issue before sending it. So, yeah, thanks all ;)

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Speaking of PM as a source for assistance...

I was just composing a note to ask you guys how to solve a pesky warning
in inherited code.  My fear of embarrassment in front of the entire
group made me review my terms more precisely, which suggested a
solution.  And it worked!

So thanks, ChicagoPM, for helping me solve my problem.

My solution is this

<old     push @{%hash->{$odate}}, {id => $id, ...
>new     push @{{\%hash}->{$odate}}, {id => $id, ...

Any critiques or better ideas to avoid using hash as a reference?



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