[Chicago-talk] Funky Perl Name Contest

Clyde Forrester clydeforrester at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 15:25:11 PDT 2010

I'll stick with "c4" for now.
c for Clyde, 4 for Forrester.
I shortened it from c4ster.
It has nothing to do with Composition 4 (C-4),
so you shouldn't be at all creeped out,
unless you particularly WANT to
ph34r my 1337 h4x0ring 5k1llz,
or something.


Brad Doty wrote:
> Anthony,
> The website looked old and moldy 5 years ago.  I thought the group had
> died when I came back this winter and went to the Members area. 
> Congratulations on finding the active interface to ChicagoPM.  People
> are pretty helpful here.
> b->{Rad}  (how's that for a funky Perl name?)
> P.S.  How's this to liven up the group?  A funky Perl name contest
> For instance I could go by
> bRad or b.Rad or the above    OR
> try to be more like brian d foy:   s bradley doty
> OR, ala chromatic, my boys might call me
> aromatic
> Although I think I'd prefer
> harmonic
> I remember Kent fancies Char-grill.  Anybody else have a funky name?
> Brad

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