[Chicago-talk] Doing "-X" tests in a loop

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Tue Oct 6 17:46:30 PDT 2009

Thanks Dan,

I want to do some file tests, so I can give back meaningful errors to the
user and avoid doing work on bad files.

I'll look up stat and see how to use it.


On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Dan Rench
<drench+chipm at gmail.com<drench%2Bchipm at gmail.com>
> wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:17 AM, Jay Strauss <me at heyjay.com> wrote:
> > How would I do "-X" test in a loop?  I've been trying variations on eval,
> > but can't get it to work:
> >
> >         foreach (qw[-e -r -s]) {
> >
> >             eval "$error = $_ unless $_ $xopt{data_file}";
> >             print "$_: $error\n";
> >         }
> Back up a bit. When find yourself using string eval(), stop, because
> string eval() is almost never a good idea.
> But I'll bite anyway: if you change that "eval" into a "print" you
> will see that what's getting eval'ed is something like: " = -e unless
> -e somefilename": $error is getting interpolated into a blank string,
> where you want it literal, and your first $_ is unquoted. I think you
> want $error to contain "-e" or "-r" or "-s", right? Same goes for the
> bareword that $xopt{data_file} becomes: you'll need to put quotes
> around it. But what kind of quotes? You could pick single quotes, but
> you better make sure the name of $xopt{data_file} doesn't contain any
> characters that mess up your quoting!
> I'll be condemned to Perl Hell (or at least Heck) for this, but I
> think this will do what you're asking:
> eval qq{\$error = '$_' unless $_ '\Q$xopt{data_file}\E'};
> Please don't actually use this code! Get rid of eval(), take the
> result of stat($xopt{data_file}) and go from there.
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