[Chicago-talk] Create PDF Recommendation

Lee Aylward lee at laylward.com
Thu Oct 1 08:39:57 PDT 2009

On Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:58:26 -0500
Jon Scarbrough <jscarbrough at where2getit.com> wrote:

> We've used htmldoc in the past with limited success 
> (http://www.htmldoc.org). One thing I've looked at recently is 
> OpenOffice. They have a full suite of converters and you can control
> the process from a command line. If you do a google search for
> "openoffice command line converter" you'll get lots of links. This
> would be my next choice for doing html -> pdf conversions. There are
> CPAN modules for interacting with OpenOffice as well but I don't
> think the conversion options are exposed through them.
> Best regards,

I have also had some success calling htmldoc from perl to covert HTML
to PDF. I did have to rewrite a number of my templates to use inline
CSS, and switch a few things to table layouts, though. The OpenOffice
idea looks promising, but I doubt our admins would be happy installing
OO.org on any of our servers.


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