[Chicago-talk] Portable Script and library

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Wed Dec 16 12:44:08 PST 2009


I need to build a script, to be able to bring with me from customer to
customer site.  I can count on running upon a recent version of Perl
(version will change from customer to customer).  I can not install new CPAN
modules at their site.  (generally I'm on a heavily firewalled production
box with no external http/ftp/ip access).   I will be running upon M$

While at the customer I'll need to be able to make changes to the script as
needed (and as I find needed new features or bugs).

I have need for some modules on CPAN like date

I'd like to be able to build my script using some CPAN modules

I'd like to use some CPAN modules like datatime, class::insideout,
config::general (and maybe some others) in my script.

Is there a way to have some portable library (with all the modules) plus my
script, I can tote with me to the customer?   I looked at PAR/pp (outside of
not being able to get it to compile on M$ strawberry perl), it looks like
the customer would need PAR installed, or I'd have to build a self-contained
exe.  I can't have an exe, since I might need to edit the source onsite, and
I can't depend on having PAR at the customer.

Any suggestions?

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