[Chicago-talk] Replacing consecutive newlines with a single newline

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sun Sep 28 13:49:43 PDT 2008

> Why do people use a useless cat?
> Why not just:
>     cat inputfile | cat | cat | cat | cat | mailx ...
> it's just about as wasteful?

Because they see things like this:

     All done. Patch successfully generated.
     To apply the patch to the system, proceed as follows:
     # cd /usr/src/linux
     # cat /scratch/DriverInstall/sk98lin_v10.61.3.3_2.6.25_patch | 
patch -p1

from a Marvell network driver. The fools who write
these don't understand *NIX or shell programming.
Having seen it there they end up stuck with it as
the picture in their head: oh, cat, I get it now...


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