[Chicago-talk] Need help with a very, very unlazy situation.

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Thu Oct 9 10:46:54 PDT 2008

OK, now that I've got your attention:

Company has a bunch of OS/X boxes with MS Office on them.
There is a proprietary solution for locating the licenses
by id on windog from nirsoft.net named "produkey" that
will recover product keys using product id (hopefully this
gibberish will make sense to windog hackers).

Catch: There doesn't seem to be anything like this for
OS/X. This leaves our sysadmin being very, very unlazy by
manually checking every user and product on every box to
locate unused licenses [can you spell "TCO"?].

Anyway, does anyone have experience in locating product
keys for MS products? Any interest in collaborating on
something that will extract license keys for the MS files
on an OS/X installation? My guess is that it'd be a 'wanted'
sub for File::Find, but I don't know how hard it really is
to extract the license key.


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