[Chicago-talk] Is there a way to simplify including multiple .pm files?

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> In C, we can make one header include a lot of headers, the only need to
> maintain changes for this one. Is that similar approach in Perl?<http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/chicago-talk>

The Exporter module has a special function for this situation. By using
export_to_level() instead of import(), you can tell the module to export to
levels above you. Here's a small module that requires Fcntl and Socket, each
of which defines constants,
and then exports the constants to the caller of Constants:

    package Constants;

    BEGIN {
        require Fcntl;
        require Socket;

        Fcntl->export_to_level( 1, '', qw(:flock) );
        Socket->export_to_level( 1, '', qw(:DEFAULT :crlf) );


The BEGIN is important: you need the export to happen as soon as possible so
Perl knows about the constants when it compiles the rest of the code.

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