[Chicago-talk] The JavaScript Renaissance Part II: The Browser

Dave Hoover dave at obtiva.com
Wed Jan 30 10:51:55 PST 2008

We're going to continue our focus on JavaScript for our Febrary
meeting in Wheaton.  Fred Polgardy will continue his JavaScript
Renaissance series.

When:  Tuesday, Feb 12, 2008, 7-9 PM
Where:  Wheaton, IIT - Rice Campus
Who:  Frederick Polgardy
What:  The JavaScript Renaissance Part II: The Browser

What comes to mind when think of JavaScript? Broken web sites, browser
incompatibilities, and brittle spaghetti code? It doesn't have to be
this way anymore! Last time we learned about some powerful features of
JavaScript, the language. In Part II of our exploration, we'll be
focusing on JavaScript in its native habitat -- the Web browser.
We'll look at the Document Object Model, and how it enables us to
dynamically create and modify web page content.  We'll learn about the
DOM Event Model, and how it gives us the capability to capture and
respond to user input.  We'll also take a brief look at
XMLHttpRequest, the technology that makes Ajax possible, and see how
to communicate with the server without ever leaving the page.  Along
the way, we'll grapple with browser incompatibility issues, and see
how libraries like Prototype and jQuery help us navigate the waters.

More information and directions can be found at

Let me know if you have ideas for other talks in 2008.  I'd definitely
like to get back to Perl, but haven't heard from anyone about what
they'd like to hear or talk about.


Dave Hoover
//obtiva:  Agility applied.  Software delivered.

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