[Chicago-talk] Perl and Unicode Locale Data

A. Sean Pue seanpue at uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 29 09:10:55 PST 2008


I am trying to access Unicode locale data.  I know from Java
of IBM's International Components for Unicode,
http://icu-project.org/ , which is open-source (?) and also
available for C.  I have seen some Google hits in relation to
it and Perl 6.  It looks like (all/most?) of its data is from
Unicode's Common Locale Data Repository:
http://www.unicode.org/cldr/ .  Is that information available
from Perl?  

I am particularly interested in getting what the ICU locale
explorer describes as the "Exemplar Characters" and also
applying the Collate Rules, ie on this page

I have used Unicode::Collate but have not found a way to use
these types of standardized, perhaps versioned (like UCD)
collation rules, especially in this easy to read abstracted
format with easy insertion rules and so on. 

Thanks in advance.  It was great meeting some of you on Tuesday.  


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