[Chicago-talk] The JavaScript Renaissance Part II: The Browser

Dave Hoover dave at obtiva.com
Fri Feb 22 19:25:16 PST 2008

Just in case anyone missed it, Fred posted the materials from his
February talk on his blog:

Fred has offered to do part 3 of his JavaScript series in April, so
we're available for a talk in March.  Please let me know if you have a
Perl topic you'd like to hear or speak about.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Dave Hoover <dave at obtiva.com> wrote:
> We're going to continue our focus on JavaScript for our Febrary
>  meeting in Wheaton.  Fred Polgardy will continue his JavaScript
>  Renaissance series.
>  When:  Tuesday, Feb 12, 2008, 7-9 PM
>  Where:  Wheaton, IIT - Rice Campus
>  Who:  Frederick Polgardy
>  What:  The JavaScript Renaissance Part II: The Browser
>  What comes to mind when think of JavaScript? Broken web sites, browser
>  incompatibilities, and brittle spaghetti code? It doesn't have to be
>  this way anymore! Last time we learned about some powerful features of
>  JavaScript, the language. In Part II of our exploration, we'll be
>  focusing on JavaScript in its native habitat -- the Web browser.
>  We'll look at the Document Object Model, and how it enables us to
>  dynamically create and modify web page content.  We'll learn about the
>  DOM Event Model, and how it gives us the capability to capture and
>  respond to user input.  We'll also take a brief look at
>  XMLHttpRequest, the technology that makes Ajax possible, and see how
>  to communicate with the server without ever leaving the page.  Along
>  the way, we'll grapple with browser incompatibility issues, and see
>  how libraries like Prototype and jQuery help us navigate the waters.
>  More information and directions can be found at
>   http://chicago.pm.org/meetings/
>  Let me know if you have ideas for other talks in 2008.  I'd definitely
>  like to get back to Perl, but haven't heard from anyone about what
>  they'd like to hear or talk about.
>  Best,
>  Dave Hoover
>  //obtiva:  Agility applied.  Software delivered.

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