[Chicago-talk] perl test harness failures

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Fri Feb 8 08:22:46 PST 2008

Whitney Jackson wrote:
> I just compiled perl-5.10.0 on a Linux box at work and ran 'make test'
> (partial output below).  Most tests worked but a significant number
> didn't.  All the failed tests bomb w/ seg faults.  All seem to be
> related to signal handling/IPC.  By peeling away the successful parts
> of one test file I found I could reproduce the seg fault with this one
> liner:
> $ ./perl -MTestInit -e 'pipe(R, W); close R; $SIG{PIPE} = sub {}; print W "_";'
> zsh: segmentation fault  ./perl -MTestInit -e
> Can anyone recommend a strategy for addressing this sort of problem?

More able to help with:

- What O/S (i.e., uname -a output)?
- What compiler switches (i.e., 'perl -V' output)?

In the meantime, try compiling the thing with
'-O0' and see if the result changes (may be a
pain depending compile time). Optimizing the
snot out of perl may have pushed it over the
edge (e.g., I used -O3 w/ remove statck frames,
but it worked and re-compiling it only takes a
few minutes).

You might also take a look at which lib's ./perl
is linked with (e.g., via ldd) and see if any of
them have known issues with reads on closed pipes.

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