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Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov
Wed Feb 6 11:15:17 PST 2008

        my ( $group, $activenode, $status) = split(/\s(.+)/, $_);  ###
###regex here not working

yeah, you're saying 'split on one space followed by one or more "any char
but newline"'s which isn't what you want.

> If you _really_ want a regex you could replace your spilt with this:

split(/\s\s\s*/, $_)

split(/\s+/, $_)

is one or more spaces:
split(/\s{2,}/, $_)

is two or more.  What I worry about in these situations is data validation:
    ### print;
    if ( /$clustergroup/ ) {
        my ( $group, $activenode, $status) = split(/\s(.+)/, $_);
###regex here not working
        print "group: $group\n";
        print "active node: $activenode\n";
        print "status: $status\n";

so you know that /$clustergroup/ has been found (is there a chance that'll
ever be *not* the first field? Contain a meta char (".", "/" etc)?
pluralized or the substr of another word? Be safe:
    if ( /^\Q$clustergroup\b/ ) {

This'll help if there's more than one cluster group, so you could do:
my $clustergroup = "(Cluster Group A|Cluster Group B|Cluster group C)";

    if ( s/^$clustergroup\s+// ) { # remove group and spaces
       my $group = $1;
       if ( /(\S+)\s+(\S+)/ ) {
         my ($activenode, $status) = ($!, $2);
         print "group: $group\n";
         print "active node: $activenode\n";
         print "status: $status\n";
       else {
         warn("Bad data: $_ for $group");
       }   # if \S\s\S

which then does some validation of the data line.


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