[Chicago-talk] Forwarded - BARcamp Chicago Aug 15th!

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The barcampchicago.com website says that this starts tomorrow, Aug. 16th and
the Social Dev Camp was last week.   I know, I was there.



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BARcamp Chicago 2008 is coming up tomorrow!  The weekend 
of Aug 15th at 1240 W. Harrison St (UIC area).  

 It's being held at the Innovation Center at UIC which is this cool new 
space for tech commercialization projects.  I posted a couple of 
snapshots on the wiki:


  Sean Johnson is working on the Food and I know its going to be 
impossible, but we'd like to try and estimate the amount.  Can people 
either reply to me or add their name to the wiki?

barcamp-subscribe at corp.hostedlabs.com

  One of the really cool events happening at BARcamp this year is an 
Erlang workshop being given by Martin Logan and Erlang User group team. 
 If you dont know about Erlang, its a very cool Functional language 
thats good for distributed computing.  Martin and others at Orbitz are 
putting some Erlang code into production and they have an open source 
project that they are putting out I believe.

  As with every year, we have lots of cool talks lined up and I expect 
a lot more to develop over the weekend. The Chicago LUG is donating a 
keg, like the previous years and the organizers have been working like 
crazy.  Its coming together despite my being a disorganized slacker ;-)


1) RSVP in some form or fashion, (call me, email, join the list, add to 
wiki).  Need to size catering.

2) Get your company to participate, sposnor, bring schwag, give a talk 
about technology you are using or building.

3) Give a talk.

4) Spread the word.

Also note:

Social Dev Camp is coming up this weekend, at IIT.  Check it out: 

Thats it for now.  Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

jason at hostedlabs.com

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