[Chicago-talk] Help Schwern get to Pittsburgh

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Sat Sep 22 07:54:07 PDT 2007

[I'm sending this on behalf of Michael Schwern, Perl dude and all- 
around swell guy. -- Andy]

Hi, all.  Apologies for the cross-PM post but I'm in a bit of a bind.

I'm scheduled to give two talks and a keynote at the Pittsburgh Perl  
next month. [1]   I was hoping on contract work in Pittsburgh to pay  
for my
flight to PPW and also the bills, but that work has been postponed until
November. :(  Now I have no flight for PPW and no work to pay for it.

I'd rather work my way there then have PPW sponsors pay for me.  So  
I'm asking
nearby PM groups if they or their work would like to hire me in  
October for
local work.  I would charge travel but my normal fees would be  
reduced and your company/group will get thanked in my PPW talks.

Suggested work and training includes...

* Improving your company's test suite
* Improving how your company uses CPAN
* Improved developer coordination through better version control (SVK)
* Performance optimization
* Simple Ways To Be A Better Programmer (very popular OSCON tutorial)
* Geeks Communicating Better
* Beginning Refactoring
* Learning Interface Design To Improve Your Programming
* Easing The Pain Of Transitioning From Class::DBI to DBIx::Class

Or suggest something from the pile:

Thank you,

[1]  "Improving geek2geek Communications"  http://pghpw.org/ppw2007/ 
      "The Many Faces of SVK"               http://pghpw.org/ppw2007/ 
      The keynote is about the results of the Perl Survey  

There will be snacks.

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