[Chicago-talk] Chicago Perl Workshop 2007?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Sun Oct 7 00:19:43 PDT 2007

At the Perl lunch on Friday, some proposals for a workshop in December
were floated (since it's almost 4 months between PPW and Frozen Perl,
and who can go without a Perl conference for that long!?).  Here were
the ideas:

* A 1 or 2 day mini-conference at PFX (or Hacklab? in Pilsen).  This
would be free if we can get presenters for free.

* A hackathon at the youth hostel downtown.  Perhaps we could do some
talks too.

* Paid, open-enrollment training by Stonehenge at a hotel downtown.

I would like to do something that is Friday/Saturday/Sunday since that
is long enough to convince people from other cities to show up.  My pipe
dream is a 3 day hackathon, where half the day (or so) is open hacking,
and the other half is structured talks.  That might be a pain to
organize, though, so I'm interested in other ideas.  The idea is to keep
it interesting, educational, low-cost, close to downtown, and easy to
organize (since most of us are busy organizing YAPC). 

BTW, the idea that inspired this was London's Perl Teach-In and LPW:
http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2007/.  Apparently they are
expecting 200 people!  Awesome!

Anyway, your feedback would be appreciated.  What are you interested
in?  What would you like to do to help?  Thanks in advance!

Jonathan Rockway

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