[Chicago-talk] Off Topic: Laptop Recommendation

Jim Jacobus JJacobus at PonyX.com
Tue Oct 2 14:17:48 PDT 2007

Wow. Didn't know about this company before. Gives you a lot of 
options. What o/s did you load?

At 02:25 PM 10/2/2007, you wrote:

>I picked up a unit from "generation-X" computers.
>They are helpful in selling decent systems without
>an O/S if you don't want it (i.e., avoiding the
>microsoft tax). Basically, they go to the same
>chinese factories that produce Sony, Toshiba,
>etc, machines and buy them without logos.
>I picked up a 17" box with st'a rosa cpu, 2GB core,
>120GB drive, spare battery, and shipping for < $3000.
>The high-res (1900x1200) display is useful for
>graphics processing, you might not need that high-end
>of a display.
>They got me the machine quickly and it worked the
>first time.
>Their web site is:
>   http://www.gen-x-pc.com/
>My machine is:
>   http://www.gen-x-pc.com/note_9260.htm
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