[Chicago-talk] Spam programming language

Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov
Wed Jan 31 09:38:33 PST 2007

Sort of cool - I tried the google code search using:

got one thing close "Website Meta language" 
#   Manage arrays as stacks
#   These macros are obsolete and should not be used anymore.
#   Mp4h has some builtins which are more efficient.

<define-tag array:size whitespace=delete>
<if <gt <array-size %0 /> 0 /> <array-size %0 /> 0 />

<define-tag array:topvalue whitespace=delete>
<set-var __index=<array:size %0 /> />
<get-var %0[<get-var __index />] />

<define-tag array:show>
<set-var __i=0 />
<while <get-var %0[<get-var __i />] />>
%0[<get-var __i />] = <get-var %0[<get-var __i />] />
<increment __i />

But ruby has:
   path = %w[/usr/local/bin /usr/ucb /usr/bin /bin]


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