[Chicago-talk] Hosting Providers (was Re: O'Reilly's Perl Graphics)

Wiggins d'Anconia wiggins at danconia.org
Mon Jan 29 15:22:31 PST 2007

Domenico Tassone wrote:
> Thanks,
> As a follow-on, anybody recommend as LAMP(erl) friendly ISP. I think I've
> hit the ceiling of what's possible on SBC already.
> Doesn't have to be based in Chicago but will allow command-line access on a
> shared server for different Perl modules; preferably an established but
> developer-friendly concern.
> Thx,
> Dom

I've been happy with Westhost (not affiliated with them beyond being a 
customer) and they seem to be improving which is unfortunately a fairly 
odd thing in the ISP business. They are cheaper when providing more 
complete access because they use virtualization to segregate their 
shared hosting clients, so you are essentially working in your own 
environment with your own Apache, MySQL, etc. So they can simulate 
"root" access while still sharing hardware. The bonus with this is with 
a properly configured CPAN config you can install whatever modules you 
want. They also have a well used Members forum area where you can get 
questions answered by other people using their hosting, not just their 
support dept.


(http://www.sphera.com/ is the virtualization platform provider)

Good luck,


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