[Chicago-talk] Come to the Wikithon, Wed Feb 7th

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Thu Feb 1 08:37:04 PST 2007

[I'm emailing this out, not that I expect anyone to go to California,  
but because you can join in remotely, and the chicago.pm wiki runs on  
Socialtext Open. -- Andy]


Come to our Wikithon!

On Wednesday February 7th in Palo Alto, CA, the same day as Wiki  
Wednesday, Socialtext is hosting an all day open hackathon. Our  
entire development team will be in town and our doors are open for you.

Remote Access

Can't make it to our offices in Palo Alto? No problem! Please feel  
free to follow along remotely (and if you want to remotely pair with  
someone to accomplish a particular task, please note that here as  
well). When you've completed your project, make a page in /stoss  
describing it, and tag it 'wikithon' so other people can find it.  
We'll be doing a show and tell of the hackathon output in the evening  
at Wiki Wednesday - so even if you can't hack with us, please come to  
Wiki Wednesday and admire all the cool things people made.

We're putting some infrastructure in place so that local and remote  
participants can collaborate:

     * IRC - irc.freenode.net, channel #socialtext
     * Two open conference meeting rooms - 801 and 805 (external  
callers call 1 877-GET-WIKI and then the extension)
     * VNC servers available for connection: oak.socialtext.net:1 and  
     * Food and beverages will be available at the office


Even if you're having trouble thinking of anything to work on, come  
on by and see if you can lend someone else a hand. We're eagerly  
looking forward to some cool new Socialtext plugins and hopefully  
some new API clients. We'll have some folks hanging out who are  
familiar with Socialtext internals, to help you get started on your  


We're going to have two contests during the Wikithon - best  
Socialtext Plugin or best new Socialtext API Client. Prizes are still  
to be determined, but we hope to encourage our hackers to come up  
with cool new ways to extend and use our application.

Andy Lester => andy.lester at socialtext.com => www.socialtext.com =>  

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