[Chicago-talk] Question of preference

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sun Dec 30 13:31:40 PST 2007

>> SVN supports this via pre-commit checks; problem
>> is that you usually want people checking in code
>> regularly to avoid loss of work. Catch: if you
>> can only check in working code then you cannot
>> make periodic checkins to make sure you don't
>> loose work.
> you don't want to lose code *that works* not just any random code.
> SVN != RSYNC for a developer sandbox.  :)

So if it takes you three weeks to finish some work
you wouldn't want to make any partial commits? You
would prefer not to have any option of working
on the code at remote locations, or give anyone else
working on the project with you any chance at all to
see the in-process code? You also would want to be
able to try any changes with the option of backing
them out later to a sane re-start point if an idea
didn't work, I suppose?

I've found all of these helpful at various times.

You might not want to put the code back into the
main production branch the first day, but the ability
to commit partially complete projects is a powerful
feature of SVN (and CVS).

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