[Chicago-talk] Hackathon?

brian d foy brian.d.foy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 09:44:38 PST 2007

On 12/11/07, Mike Fragassi <frag at ripco.com> wrote:

> I haven't heard much about this recently, although it's this weekend.
> (Right?)  I.e. when on Friday will people start gathering, what will
> people be working on (more specifically that just "Parrot" and
> "Net-XPlanner", whatever that is), will it make any sense to participate
> if you're not a Parrot hacker, etc.

Jon and Josh have been a bit busy preparing their classes (and Jon
just finished his Catalyst book, I think). On Friday we have classes
all day and night, but people can still hang out at the hostel.
There's plenty of space, free wifi, and so on. People can even sign up
for Josh's testing class still :)

I don't have any plans for what I would work on or know when I'll wake
up. Jon and I have a BackPAN project that we might work on (and I had
to get a 16 Gb thumb drive to put BackPAN and CPAN on, and they barely

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