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> >1. Take Brainbench test or something like it, as some employers ask  
>> for the
>> score of this test;

>Brush up on your Perl formats.  I was heavily tested on a feature of  
>Perl I'd scarcely heard of, much less used.

are right, but it is a useful screen tool to the employers. I took a couple of
tests like this on different topics (paid by those who want the score.)
Don't mention the scarcely used feature, even
for the daily used features, such as the first parameter, data source, of DBI
connect function, I cannot write correct on the whiteboard. It is either
copied/pasted all the time or wrapped in a module.

you are an expert on those areas, you should be able to get a high score by
spending some time to refresh/polish the knowledge by skipping through
the references you are used/using all the time. For Perl test (and
interview), I will flip the pages of ‘Effective Perl Programming’, ‘Learning
Perl’, the first couple of chapters of ‘Object Oriented Perl’. If I still feel
that there are some spots should be polished, I will check the topic in
‘Programming Perl’ and or run perldoc command. Unfortunately, it is not easy to
polish the advanced topics unless you know what the interviewer will ask (you
may find the clues from the job/project description.)

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