[Chicago-talk] Meeting Wrap-Up

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 22:32:46 PDT 2006

What a great Chicago.pm meeting.  Thanks to everyone who came out and
thanks to Mike Culver and Mike Schienle for presenting.

Mike Culver, from Amazon, presented on the Amazon Web Services.
Though we had a little problem with the network actually allowing us
to connect to Amazon, I have to say that it was a great presentation
and it was really cool to see all that Amazon has to offer.  There
were a few questions left pending at the end of the meeting and also a
few people that just wanted to know how to get in touch with Mike.
His email is mculver at amazon.com and his phone number is 206-266-7511.
Mike will be back in town mid-October, so if you want him to talk to
another user group or your company, be sure to contact him.

Also, Mike missed most of a Sox game that he had tickets for to stop
by and talk with us.  Because of some scheduling issues, he actually
didn't know that he was presenting until a few hours before the talk.
I have to say thanks to Mike for still stopping by and for staying so
long.  Of course, he did get to go to the Cell and see the Sox finish
pounding Detroit.  Too bad there weren't any triple-plays tonight :)

And let us not forget our own Mike Schienle and his talk on his
Capacity Planning service.  Mike showed off his web service (or
service over the web) that can visualize the performance of machines
on your network.  The app is in beta now.  Feel free to sign up for an
account at http://www.customvisuals.com/cgi-bin/CapacitySignup.pl.

So, what's next on the agenda.  Well, there is the Pittsburgh Perl
Workshop this Saturday.  I know that at the least Andy Lester, brian d
foy, and Mike Fragassi will be presenting there.  Also, there is the
hack-a-thon over Veteran's Day Weekend in Crystal Lake.

As far as an October meeting, jrock is trying to book us a spot in
Hyde Park... possibly the Tuesday of Thanksgiving, but possibly not :)
 From what I hear, the bar might be what we are really going South

Thanks again,

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