[Chicago-talk] Who wants to give a talk at Uniforum?

Andrew Rodland arodland at comcast.net
Mon Sep 18 17:35:33 PDT 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 7:18 pm, brian d foy wrote:
> Debi Vose from Uniforum was asking me about talks for the October and
> November meetings. Anyone have anything interesting to talk about?
> Or, alternately, maybe this can be our own version of Toastmasters
> where new speakers get to try out  giving a talk. It's not a very
> hostile audience, so it's good for beginners.
> Can anyone talk about Ajaxy-Perly stuff? I'd like to hear more about that.
> :)

I've got one that I think is worth a talk... or maybe half a talk. Main 
question is whether I can find time and ambition to actually turn it into 
one; I've never given a talk in this format before. Nothing Ajaxy, but it is 
Catalyst and some cool sorts of dynamic things. I actually made a post about 
it here a few months ago, and then never caught up with it again. But I think 
I might be able to manage, for the uniforum setting :)


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