[Chicago-talk] Next meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 19th @ Performics

Mike Fragassi frag at ripco.com
Thu Sep 14 18:12:41 PDT 2006

I was just talking with Josh, and he reminded me that there's a meeting
next week.  It's up on the wiki:


But here are the basics.

Meeting Details

    * What: 2 talks: Capacity Planning Web Services,
                  and Amazon Web Services
    * When: September 19th from 7-9 pm
    * Where: Performics @ 180 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL
    * RSVP September 2006 Meeting


1) Capacity Planning Web Services

Mike Schienle, a local Perl Monger, will be presenting on a capacity
planning web service that he has developed. Mike has provided a brief
description of the service.

2) Amazon Web Services

Jeffrey Barr, Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, looks at how developers
have utilized Amazon Web Services open APIs to develop exciting,
profitable businesses. For example, SmugMug, with over 72 million photos,
uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a major part of their
photo storage solution. The company figures it has saved roughly $500,000
to date in storage expenditures and cut its disk storage array costs in
half - all with zero increase in staff or datacenter space.

This session will also explore other innovative integrations of Amazon Web
Services such as Amazon E-Commerce Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service,
Amazon Mechanical Turk, Alexa Web Information Service, and more.


Jeffrey Barr is focused on furthering awareness of web services and
inspiring developers to create innovative applications using Amazon Web
Services. Barr meets regularly with developers throughout the U.S. and
abroad to introduce Amazon Web Services. expanding platform and showcase
businesses that currently utilizes the program.s services.

Barr joined Amazon in August 2002 as a Senior Software Developer on the
Associates team and has a longstanding interest in Web services and
programmatic information interchange. He has held development and
management positions at Microsoft, KnowNow, eByz, Akopia, was a co-founder
of Visix Software, and launched the news feed service, Syndicat8.com. He
earned his bachelor.s degree in computer science from American University
and completed graduate work in computer science at George Washington

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