[Chicago-talk] Loop lunch

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Sep 13 13:25:15 PDT 2006

Grayslake, cool!  That's my hometown :)

If you guys are ever up for meeting up there* on a Friday (or over the
weekend), I could probably make it.  My parents are always happy when I
show up for a visit.

Jonathan Rockway

* "up there" because I live downtown now

Jim Thomason wrote:
> Dealer's choice. I'm not talking anything yet. Personally, I live up
> in Grayslake. There are any number of reasonably easy to get to places
> with a reasonable number of food choices.
> Gurnee Mills or thereabouts (has a very nice Tacos El Norte), Hawthorn
> Mall or thereabouts (El Famous Burrito), Old Orchard or thereabouts
> (Duke's cheeseballs are delicious), or whatever.
> I guess wherever enough of a crowd wants to meet up.

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