[Chicago-talk] Loop lunch

Eric Sinclair esinclai at pobox.com
Wed Sep 13 11:12:00 PDT 2006

As a matter of fact, Johnnnnnn, Andy and I grabbed a bite there in advance of the last chi.pm meeting, so the precedent has been set.

It was.... OK food, though the curly vs straight fry debate was not fully resolved.


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From: Warren Lindsey <warren.lindsey at gmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006 12:56 pm
Subject: Re: [Chicago-talk] Loop lunch

I always thought it would be fun to have a Perl Monks get-together at
Monks Pub on Lake and Wells. If they're not open for lunch it would
also be a close spot for dinner/drinks as its not far from Performics as well.

On 9/13/06, Nola Stowe <mrnicksgirl at gmail.com> wrote:
 Sure... any new place is good. Find out the name and address (number) of the
 place Mike and we'll use that place next time.

> Thank for coming everyone!

> For those who listened to my perl delimia .. I ended up using a hash of
 arrays and then serializing to php and then I was able to manipulate it easy
 enough in PHP to do what I wanted. Actually Liz helped me with the final
 code..and also I bugged Yaakov about some questions too :) Thanks to
 everybody :)


> On 9/13/06, Michael D. Stemle, Jr. <manchicken at notsosoft.net> wrote:
 > Absolutely! We should do that more often.  Perhaps someplace different
 > than
 > Cafe Baci each time?  I like that new grill where Mondays used to be on
 > Lake
 > & La Salle.
 > On Wednesday 13 September 2006 08:39, Warren Lindsey wrote:
 > > Hi guys,
 > >
 > > It was fun to put more faces to names on the list yesterday.  Count me
 > in
 > > for the next one as well.
 > >
 > > Cheers,
 > > Warren
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