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Michael D. Stemle, Jr. manchicken at notsosoft.net
Fri Oct 27 13:22:23 PDT 2006

I wouldn't say that necessarily.  There are a considerable number of Perl libs 
that use XS, many of them use libs that are GPLed (e.g. GTK, GnuPG, Qt, 
MySQL).  Then you have all of the non-Perlesque licensed modules (e.g. 
DB_File) that you'd have to worry about.

Could you do it?  Probably.  It could be complicated though.

On Friday 27 October 2006 13:08, Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> Michael D. Stemle, Jr. wrote:
> > That's not true for many modules.  IIRC, any modules that are GPLed code
> > or link to libs/modules/code that is GPLed would be illegal to use in
> > this fashion.
> Right, but there aren't very many of those.  Term::ReadLine::Gnu,
> perhaps, but you can just ship Term::ReadLine and ask your user to
> install Term::ReadLine::Gnu himself.  Everything important is Perl/GPL
> or LGPL.

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