[Chicago-talk] Is it worth to be put in CPAN?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Tue Oct 17 09:46:17 PDT 2006

> The module proposed is just for traversing across
> hierarchy (tree, trees) structure inspired by Dominus's
> HOP. The function is not specified for growing trees,
> trimming trees, nor burning trees. Its behavior depends
> on the optional callback functions passed into it. By
> default, it only walks through the hierarchy structure
> without doing anything, except using some system
> resources. That\xE2\x80'x99s what I mean
> generic.

So long as the module doesn't seriously break the
perl distro there isn't any harm in putting it out
there. Given the function of it is simple, work on
creating a simple, well-documented interface. You
could end up with a module that people use because
they can use it :-)

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