[Chicago-talk] Fwd: [CDBI] Gentlemen, a call to arms!

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Oct 11 15:21:46 PDT 2006

As someone mentioned on #catalyst, all the perl developers are busy
writing real apps.  Very sad that we don't have time to play with Zend's
toy framework (and "programming language", if you can call it that :)

My apologies for taking the flamebait :)

Kent Cowgill wrote:
> If the word gets out far and wide enough, it will spread to people  
> who are either fairly local to Nürnberg, or who have the capability  
> (dollars & time) to setup their environments there.

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
$,.=reverse qw[Jonathan tsu rehton lre rekca Rockway][$_].[split //,
";$;"]->[$_].q; ;for 1..4;$,=~s;^.;;;$,});$;->setup;

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